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3M Competitors – Top 10 Major Competitors of 3M | Competitors Analysis

3M: Introduction

3M is a global science company renowned for its innovation across various industries. It stands for Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing and has a legacy of more than a century, pioneering solutions in areas like healthcare, transportation, electronics, and consumer goods.

They’re known for products like Post-it Notes, Scotch tape, and innovative materials used in diverse applications.

3M Competitors Analysis

Competitor Main Reason for Competition
DuPont Competition in materials science and diversified innovations
Honeywell Overlapping product lines and technological advancements
Johnson & Johnson Competing in healthcare and consumer products
BASF Overlapping chemical products and innovation
General Electric Diverse industrial products and technological solutions
Avery Dennison Overlapping in adhesive and labeling solutions
Kimberly-Clark Competition in personal care and hygiene products
Siemens Overlapping technology solutions and industrial products
Dow Chemical Company Competition in materials science and chemical innovations
Hitachi Overlapping technological solutions and industrial products

1. DuPont:


DuPont stands as a formidable competitor due to its extensive portfolio in materials science, mirroring 3M’s strengths. Their competition intensifies in areas like advanced materials, chemicals, and diversified innovations.

DuPont’s focus on research and development leads to product lines that often challenge 3M’s offerings. This competition extends across various sectors where both companies vie for market share and technological supremacy.

  • Overlapping strengths in materials science and innovation
  • Rivalry in diversified product lines and technological advancements
  • Competing for market dominance in specific industry sectors

2. Honeywell:


Honeywell, a diversified technology company, competes with 3M through their overlapping product lines and technological advancements.

Both companies operate in sectors like aerospace, manufacturing, and safety solutions, resulting in a race for innovation and market penetration. Their competition often drives advancements in technologies like sensing, security, and industrial solutions.

  • Overlapping product lines leading to direct competition
  • Technological advancements in common sectors like aerospace and safety
  • Rivalry in innovative solutions for various industries

3. Johnson & Johnson:

Johnson & Johnson

Competing with 3M, Johnson & Johnson is a significant contender in healthcare and consumer products. Their rivalry intensifies particularly in the healthcare sector where both companies offer medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and consumer health products.

Both aim to provide innovative solutions for healthcare professionals and consumers, leading to a constant battle for market leadership and technological advancements.

  • Competition in healthcare products and medical devices
  • Rivalry in consumer health products
  • Striving for innovation in healthcare solutions

4. BASF:


BASF, a chemical company, competes with 3M in the realm of chemical products and innovation. Their overlapping portfolios in areas like chemicals, materials, and industrial solutions foster intense competition.

Both companies engage in research and development to introduce new materials and technologies, vying for market dominance and technological superiority.

  • Overlapping strengths in chemical products and materials
  • Rivalry in innovation and technological advancements
  • Competition for market share in industrial solutions

5. General Electric (GE):

General Electric (GE)

GE, known for its diverse industrial products and technological solutions, competes with 3M across multiple sectors.

The rivalry is prominent in areas like healthcare, aviation, power, and renewable energy, where both companies strive for innovation and market leadership. Their competition often leads to advancements in technology and solutions across various industries.

  • Overlapping in diverse industrial products
  • Rivalry in technological advancements across sectors like healthcare and aviation
  • Competition for market share in power and renewable energy sectors

6. Avery Dennison:


Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison is a key competitor for 3M in adhesive and labeling solutions. Both companies offer a wide range of adhesive products, labeling materials, and packaging solutions.

Their competition centers on product quality, innovation, and meeting diverse market demands. Both strive to provide efficient and reliable solutions for industries like packaging, automotive, and consumer goods.

  • Overlapping portfolios in adhesive and labeling solutions
  • Competition in providing quality and innovative solutions
  • Striving to meet diverse market demands

7. Kimberly-Clark:


Competing with 3M, Kimberly-Clark focuses on personal care and hygiene products. Both companies offer various products like personal protective equipment, hygiene solutions, and healthcare essentials.

The competition intensifies in the healthcare sector where both aim to provide superior quality products and innovative solutions for consumers and professionals.

  • Competition in personal care and hygiene products
  • Rivalry in healthcare sector solutions
  • Striving for superior quality and innovation in products

8. Siemens:


Siemens competes with 3M in technology solutions and industrial products. Both companies offer a diverse range of solutions including automation, digitalization, and industrial equipment.

Their rivalry is evident in sectors like manufacturing, infrastructure, and energy where they aim to provide cutting-edge technological advancements and solutions for global industries.

  • Overlapping strengths in technology solutions
  • Competition in providing industrial products and solutions
  • Rivalry in innovation across manufacturing, infrastructure, and energy sectors

9. Dow Chemical Company:

Dow Chemical

Competing with 3M, Dow Chemical focuses on materials science and chemical innovations. Both companies have overlapping strengths in areas like chemicals, materials, and industrial solutions.

The competition revolves around research and development to introduce new materials and technologies, aiming for market leadership and technological excellence.

  • Overlapping portfolios in materials science and chemicals
  • Rivalry in research and development for innovative solutions
  • Competition for market dominance in industrial sectors

10. Hitachi:


Hitachi competes with 3M in technological solutions and industrial products. Both companies offer a broad spectrum of technological solutions, including information technology, power systems, and industrial components.

Their rivalry spans across sectors like electronics, automotive, and infrastructure, striving for innovation and market superiority.

  • Overlapping technological solutions in various sectors
  • Competition in providing industrial products and components
  • Striving for innovation and market leadership across industries

This detailed breakdown highlights the competitive landscape between 3M and each listed company, showcasing overlapping strengths, areas of rivalry, and the drive for innovation and market dominance.

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