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General Psychology – Old Question Paper 2007 | Semester: Spring

questionGeneral Psychology
Old Question Paper
Year: 2007 | Semester: Spring
Pokhara University

Exam 2007 Spring

Attempt all the questions.

1. a. Define psychology. Describe the importance of psychology. [7]
b. Discuss the different fields of psychology. How observation method is beneficial to the study of human behaviour. [8]

2. a. What do you understand by stressor? What are the various potential causes and remedies of stress in an organization? [7]
b. With the help of Kohler’s experiment describe the significance of ‘insight’ in learning. [8]
Describe the localized function of brain on the basis of Lashlay’s law on localization. [7]
Define memory, and explain the techniques of improving memory. [8]

3. a. Explain the methods of assessing personality. [7]
b. Why is problem-solving a higher type of learning? Discuss the major scientific steps of problem solving. [8]

4. a. What relationship exists between motivation and frustration? Describe five techniques of improving frustration? What are the measures to reduce frustration? [8]
b. Describe the process of concept formation with appropriate examples. [7]

5. a. Define intelligence and describe its types and characteristics. [7]
b. Classify the meaning of intelligence test and IQ. Describe the procedure adopted in determining mental age (MA) with example. [8]

6. Define any five of the following: [5×3=15]
i. Illusion
ii. S-O-R paradigm
iii. Hallucination
iv. Repressive forgetting
v. Delusion
vi. Power motive

7. Write short notes (Any Two):
a. Neuron
b. Olfactory and kinaesthetic senses
c. Causes of forgetting
d. TAT personality test


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