6 Ps of Presentation – Oral Presentation | Business Communication II

6 Ps of Presentation
Oral Presentation | Business Communication II
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A presentation is a talk or speech delivered to an audience in order to present a new product, idea or a piece of work.Companies and organizations often utilize business presentations as a means of selling an idea or product, for training purposes, or to motivate the audience.A good presentation is not only organized well, but also addresses the purpose effectively and contains all the necessary components.There are 6 Ps of presentation which guides the professionals to plan and to give effective presentations.

  1. “Plan” well ( create an outline of the presentation): You must Know the background of the presentation and make sure you are prepared personally and that you know what to do during the presentation itself.
  2. Identify the “purpose” (why you are presenting): You must have clearly in mind the purpose of presenting.The purpose largely depends on the type of product or service you are communicating, your approach, occasion, audience,etc. For example, if you are presenting on a product launch, your purpose is to communicate to the external market in order to generate sales.
  3. Demonstrate your “personal communication skills”: It is very much important to maintain good relationship with the audience which can be done through effective nonverbal communication skills and techniques.
  4. Show “personal commitment”: You must show a personal commitment to the presentation and its planning.Maintain just enough interest to make it professional because too much commitment can make you biased, overzealous and it can also be stressful.
  5. Be aware of “political sensitivities“: The different types of controversial issues in the area of environment, health, development, corporate culture need to be addressed carefully.Besides, due to office politics, the content of presentation can have an unintended impact on staff within your own organizations. So, handle issues like laying a responsibility on other staff or departments sensitively.
  6. “Polish” your presentation as much as possible:┬áMake it simple and clear and for the audience to understand professional presentation pays attention to the sincerity of purpose, use of language and effective delivery skills are gained through persistent practice.

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