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__________ are profits that accrue to whomever has the right to import the good that is restricted by the quota.

__________ are profits that accrue to whomever has the right to import the good that is restricted by the quota.


a. quota license
b. quota rents
c. quota prices
d. none of the above

The Correct Answer Is:

  • b. quota rents

The correct answer to the question is “b. quota rents.” Let’s delve into the reasons why this answer is correct and why the other options are not:

Quota Rents (Correct Answer):

Quota rents are profits or economic benefits that accrue to whomever holds the right to import a good that is restricted by a quota. When a country imposes an import quota on a particular product, it limits the quantity of that product that can be imported. In order to acquire the right to import this restricted quantity, importers often need to obtain a quota license.

These licenses can be obtained through various means, such as auctions, government allocation, or other mechanisms. The individuals or entities that hold these quota licenses are typically able to import the restricted goods.

Since the demand for these goods often exceeds the limited supply allowed by the quota, those holding the licenses have the opportunity to charge a premium for their right to import, resulting in quota rents.

Quota rents represent the difference between the price of the imported goods and the cost of importing them, and they are essentially a form of economic profit that stems from the government-imposed quota system.

Quota License (Incorrect Answer):

A quota license is not the economic benefit or profit itself; rather, it is the authorization or permission granted by the government to import a specific quantity of a restricted product.

Those who possess these licenses can utilize them to import goods within the quota limits and thus gain access to the opportunity to earn quota rents. The license itself is a means to engage in import activities, but it is not the profit that results from having that right.

Quota Prices (Incorrect Answer):

Quota prices do not directly represent the profits accruing to those holding quota licenses. Instead, quota prices may refer to the prices at which the imported goods are sold in the market, and these prices often include the premium charged by license holders.

While the quota price can be influenced by the presence of quota rents, it does not represent the rents themselves. Quota prices reflect the market value of the goods, considering the supply restriction imposed by the quota.

None of the Above (Incorrect Answer):

This answer is not correct because it fails to acknowledge the existence of quota rents, which are indeed a fundamental concept in international trade when discussing the economic benefits associated with import quotas. Selecting “none of the above” would disregard the concept of quota rents and the economic profits generated by those who hold quota licenses.

In summary, “b. quota rents” is the correct answer because it accurately represents the economic profits that arise from the right to import a good that is restricted by a quota.

Quota rents result from the scarcity of import licenses in the face of excess demand for the restricted goods. “Quota license” is not the correct answer because it refers to the authorization to import, not the profits themselves.

“Quota prices” is also not the correct answer because it relates to the market prices of the imported goods, not the profits from holding the import license. “None of the above” is not correct as it disregards the concept of quota rents, which is a significant aspect of the impact of import quotas on international trade.

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