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A _________ is an elaborated version of the idea expressed in consumer terms

A _________ is an elaborated version of the idea expressed in consumer terms


A. new idea
B. product concept
C. product idea
D. test brand

The Correct Answer Is:

  • B. product concept

The correct answer is option B, “product concept.” A product concept is an elaborated version of an idea expressed in consumer terms. Here’s a detailed explanation of why this answer is correct and why the other options are not:

Why “Product Concept” (Option B) is the correct answer:

1. Development and Clarity:

A product concept is an intermediate step in the product development process, where the initial idea is fleshed out into a more detailed and tangible form.

It is a way to express the idea in consumer-friendly terms, providing a clear and comprehensible representation of what the product will be. This aids in the development process by ensuring that all stakeholders understand and align with the product’s direction.

2. Consumer-Centric:

The emphasis on expressing the idea in consumer terms is key in a product concept. It ensures that the product is designed with the end-user in mind. This consumer-centric approach helps in creating products that fulfill consumer needs and expectations, making the concept relevant and compelling.

3. Marketing and Communication:

The product concept also serves as the foundation for marketing and communication efforts. It provides the basis for creating marketing messages, promotional materials, and positioning strategies that resonate with consumers. By expressing the idea in terms that consumers can relate to, a product concept helps in creating marketing campaigns that are effective in attracting target audiences.

4. Evaluation and Feedback:

A product concept is often presented to potential customers or focus groups for evaluation and feedback. Expressing the idea in consumer terms in the concept allows for a more accurate assessment of whether the product will meet the needs and desires of the target audience. This feedback loop is critical in refining the product before it is fully developed.

Why the other options are not correct:

A. New Idea:

While a new idea is the initial spark that can lead to a product, it is not inherently expressed in consumer terms. A new idea may be quite abstract or high-level and typically requires further development and refinement to become a product concept.

The transformation of a new idea into a consumer-oriented product concept involves articulating the idea in a way that makes it practical and understandable for consumers.

C. Product Idea:

A product idea is a more basic, high-level representation of a potential product. It is often an early-stage concept that needs further elaboration to become a product concept. A product idea may lack the detailed consumer-centric focus that characterizes a product concept. It’s essentially the first step in the process of developing a product concept.

D. Test Brand:

A “test brand” is not related to the process of expressing an idea in consumer terms. Test branding typically refers to the practice of using a brand that may not be the final product brand in order to test market response and gather data. It does not inherently involve elaborating an idea in a consumer-friendly way. Test branding comes after the development of a product concept and the creation of the actual product.

In summary, option B, “product concept,” is the correct answer because it represents the stage in product development where an initial idea is elaborated in consumer terms.

This elaboration is essential for creating a product that is consumer-centric, aligned with market needs, and serves as a basis for marketing and communication strategies. The other options either represent earlier stages in the product development process or concepts unrelated to this specific phase of product development.

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