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A job shop is an example of an | Management Quiz

A job shop is an example of an

A. repetitive process.
B. continuous process.
C. line process.
D. intermittent process.
E. specialized process

The Correct Answer for the given question is option D. intermittent process.


A job shop is an example of an

Answer Explanation for Question: A job shop is an example of an

Job Shops

Job shops are small firms that make specific products for a specific customer at a time. This is a manufacturing company that specializes in small quantities of custom-made parts. Products are customized based on customer specifications, i.e., bespoke products are made.

Job shops are a type of manufacturing process. It creates small batches of custom goods, i.e., goods that are made just for one customer. Job shops make custom parts for other businesses most of the time. Thus, their customers are not typically consumers, i.e., end users, but rather other companies. A consumer does not sell on the things they buy, nor do they use them to make something they then sell. Paint shops or machine shops are examples of job shops. Job shops might also be those that manufacture gears, perform jig-boring, honing, grinding, and fabricate items.

A job shop often produces intermittent items.

A job shop often produces intermittent items. Low volume, short production runs, and high variety are hallmarks of continuous production. Intermittent processes are those that begin at one unfixed time period and end at another. In intermittent production systems, products are produced only when they are ordered or demanded by the customer. Companies or units with this type of production system are generally small scale. Various products can be produced using this type of production system based on the requirements of the customer. At different time intervals, the same product unit is used to create different products.


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