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A parent secretly monitoring the babysitter through the use of GPS, site blocker, and nanny cam is a good example of:

A parent secretly monitoring the babysitter through the use of GPS, site blocker, and nanny cam is a good example of:


a. the social construction of reality
b. techno-philia
c. a neo-Luddite
d. panoptic surveillance

The Correct Answer Is:

d. panoptic surveillance

Why the panoptic surveillance is the correct answer?

d. Panoptic Surveillance

In the scenario provided, a parent secretly monitoring the babysitter through the use of GPS, site blocker, and nanny cam exemplifies the concept of panoptic surveillance. This term originates from philosopher Michel Foucault’s work on the Panopticon, a hypothetical prison design where inmates could be observed at any time without knowing when they were being watched.

In this case, the parent has established a system of constant surveillance, creating a similar dynamic where the babysitter is always potentially being monitored. This situation raises important ethical and privacy concerns, reflecting broader societal debates around the balance between safety and privacy.

Panoptic surveillance operates on the premise of constant observation and the potential for discipline or control based on the belief that one is being watched. In this specific scenario, the parent employs three technological tools: GPS tracking, a site blocker, and a nanny cam. Each of these elements contributes to the panoptic surveillance system:

i. GPS Tracking:

This technology allows the parent to monitor the babysitter’s location in real-time. It creates a sense of constant awareness for the babysitter, as they are aware that their movements can be tracked at any moment.

This mirrors the panoptic dynamic, as the babysitter is compelled to behave in accordance with the parent’s expectations due to the constant potential for observation.

ii. Site Blocker:

By employing a site blocker, the parent is controlling the online activities of the babysitter. This tool limits the sites that the babysitter can access, creating a form of digital supervision. Again, this establishes a sense of potential observation, influencing the babysitter’s behavior even when they are using personal devices.

iii. Nanny Cam:

The use of a nanny cam enables the parent to visually monitor the interactions between the babysitter and the child. This direct form of observation further reinforces the sense of constant surveillance, as the babysitter knows that their actions are being recorded and could be reviewed at any time.

Now, let’s consider why the other options are not correct:

a. The Social Construction of Reality:

This concept, introduced by sociologists Berger and Luckmann, focuses on how individuals and societies collectively create and agree upon their understanding of reality through shared meanings and interpretations.

In the scenario provided, the parent’s actions are not fundamentally about shaping a collective reality or constructing shared meanings. Instead, they are engaged in a unilateral act of surveillance, which doesn’t align with the principles of social construction of reality.

b. Techno-philia:

Techno-philia is an inclination or enthusiasm towards technology. It implies a deep affection or fascination for technological innovations.

In the scenario, the parent’s actions are driven by concerns about the safety and well-being of their child and a desire for oversight, rather than an excessive love for technology for its own sake. The parent’s use of technology is instrumental, and the focus is on monitoring rather than an uncritical celebration of the tools themselves.

c. A Neo-Luddite:

A neo-Luddite is someone who resists or opposes the widespread adoption of new technologies, often due to concerns about their impact on society, privacy, or employment.

The parent in this scenario is actively embracing and utilizing various technologies (GPS, site blocker, nanny cam) to monitor the babysitter. Therefore, they do not fit the definition of a neo-Luddite, as they are not resisting or rejecting technology but rather relying on it as a means of surveillance.

It’s important to note that the situation presented raises ethical and privacy considerations, as the parent’s actions infringe on the babysitter’s autonomy and privacy. This highlights the need for open communication and mutual trust in any caregiver-parent relationship. Balancing safety and privacy is a complex issue that requires thoughtful consideration and respect for all parties involved.

In conclusion, the parent’s use of GPS, site blocker, and nanny cam to secretly monitor the babysitter exemplifies the concept of panoptic surveillance. This raises significant ethical concerns about privacy and autonomy, highlighting the need for a thoughtful balance between ensuring safety and respecting individual boundaries.

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