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A sociologist defines society as a group of people who reside in a defined area, share a culture, and who:

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A sociologist defines society as a group of people who reside in a defined area, share a culture, and who:


a. interact
b. work in the same industry
c. speak different languages
d. practice a recognized religion

The Correct Answer Is:

  • a. interact

Answer Explanation:

Interact (Correct Answer – a):

Sociologists view society as a complex system of individuals who interact with one another within a defined geographic area. Interaction is a fundamental aspect of human society, as it involves the exchange of ideas, norms, values, and behaviors.

Through interactions, people build relationships, form social structures, and establish shared norms and values that shape the culture of a society. Interaction is a key element in the formation and maintenance of social bonds, which are essential to the functioning of any society.

Work in the same industry (Incorrect Answer – b):

While some people in a society may work in the same industry, this is not a defining characteristic of a society. Societies consist of a diverse range of individuals with various occupations and roles, and not everyone within a society will work in the same industry. It is the interaction and shared culture that bind people together, rather than their occupational similarities.

Speak different languages (Incorrect Answer – c):

Societies can certainly have linguistic diversity, with people speaking different languages or dialects. However, the presence of multiple languages does not negate the existence of a society.

Societies can adapt and function with linguistic diversity, and language can be a unifying or dividing factor, depending on how it is managed within the social context. The defining factor of a society is not the language spoken but the interaction and shared culture among its members.

Practice a recognized religion (Incorrect Answer – d):

Religion is an important aspect of culture and can be a significant part of a society. However, not all members of a society necessarily practice the same religion, and some individuals within a society may not practice any religion at all.

A society can include people of various religious beliefs and practices. Therefore, while religion may be a cultural element within a society, it is not the sole defining characteristic. Interaction and shared culture remain more fundamental to defining a society.

In summary, the correct answer, “interact,” is the most fundamental and encompassing characteristic of a society. Interaction among individuals within a defined geographic area is what allows for the development of shared culture, norms, and social structures that distinguish one society from another. The other options, while important aspects of society, do not capture the essence of what defines a society.

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