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Additional safeguards that may be included in a social and behavioral study may include:

Additional safeguards that may be included in a social and behavioral study may include:

A) Remove all direct identifiers from the data as soon as possible.
B) Requiring a legally authorized representative to provide signed consent for an incapacitated subject.
C) Frequent monitoring of the subject’s heart through ECG after administration of the study drug.
D) Requiring pregnancy tests before administration of the study drug.

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The correct Answer for the given question is A) Remove all direct identifiers from the data as soon as possible.


Additional safeguards that may be included in a social and behavioral study may include:

Answer Explanation for Question: Additional safeguards that may be included in a social and behavioral study may include:

In situations where the disclosure of a subject’s responses is the primary cause of harm, collecting data anonymously is the best protection, and removing direct identifiers is an additional safeguard. These responses are additional safeguards, but they are related to studies that may involve investigational drugs or are biomedical, not social behavioral in nature.A social and behavioral study cannot be conducted effectively without protecting the subjects involved.

It is important to consider additional safeguards since the survey involves human beings. It is important to remove the identifiers from the data because in a social and behavioral study, the identifying information of the participants does not matter; what matters is the collection of data. Participants may be identified by their names, telephone numbers, addresses, email addresses, social security numbers, and medical records.

Social and Behavioral Studies is a collection of academic disciplines dedicated to the scholarly study of the human experience. This multidisciplinary area of study allows the student to explore and examine the variety of interactions between individuals and between individuals and their social environments, from the development of the individual to the nuances of interpersonal interaction, as well as the dynamic structures of national and global communities. By taking Social and Behavioral Studies, students will gain a greater understanding of their individuality, more profound understanding and appreciation of the diversity and complexity of the world in which they live, and more effective ways to adapt to, and succeed in, an increasingly diverse and complex society.

The research should provide evidence for different types of behavioral studies and discuss what conclusions we can draw from them. One of the most fundamental fields in psychology is behavioral studies. Behaviorists believe that external stimuli can be controlled, and because of this, they are able to study how these factors affect behavior. One study by John B. Watson and Rosalie Rayner carefully observed a nine-month-old infant, Albert B., who had been adopted by an upper-middle class family. A new study was just published that shows a link between a person’s emotional state and how they behave. The study focused on the brain’s function during emotional responses to stimuli, and found that emotions have a direct effect on behavior.

The results of the study may provide insight into the link between mental health disorders and behaviors such as aggression or violence. They may also provide insight into how to improve conditions for those with developmental disabilities, as many individuals with these disabilities have difficulty controlling their behavior.

It is crucial to immediately remove all participants’ direct identifiers from the data in social-behavioral studies in order to minimize risks. A description of additional safeguards, including research methods for vulnerable populations, can be found in the Human Subjects Protection Program section ‘Risks to Research Participants’.

Children, pregnant women, people with mental disorders, or economically disadvantaged individuals need additional safeguards to protect their welfare and rights. Identifying information that should be removed includes a participant’s name, home address, email address, phone number, medical records, etc. It is important to remove all direct identifiers from social and behavioral research data to prevent potential harm to vulnerable participants.

Each academic body or organization conducting a social and behavioral study must submit its study for evaluation to an Institutional Review Board (IRB) in order to protect vulnerable individuals. Research that might affect a vulnerable population is subject to an IRB, an administrative body tasked with protecting welfare and human rights.

In order to collect sensitive information from participants, a study needs the approval of the Institutional Review Board. In order to protect vulnerable individuals’ privacy, rights, and welfare, the IRB reviews all research involving them as participants or subjects. In addition to observing and modifying research content, the IRB is also responsible for approving or disapproving it. It is the responsibility of a group of consultants to follow the protocols and determine whether any risks to vulnerable participants have been anticipated and minimized in accordance with the Human Subjects Protection Program.


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What statement about risks in social and behavioral sciences research is most accurate:


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