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An Agent’S License Can Be Suspended Or Revoked By

An Agent’s License Can Be Suspended Or Revoked By

An Agent’S License Can Be Suspended Or Revoked By writing primarily controlled business. In violation of state or federal regulations, an agent’s license can be suspended or revoked.

Drug sales or distribution are controlled business practices, such as selling or distributing prescription drugs or illicit drugs. As controlled business practices are considered unethical and illegal in the insurance industry, they can result in criminal charges and license revocation. In order to maintain their license and credibility in the industry, agents must adhere to all laws and regulations.

In addition, the regulatory body for the real estate industry may suspend or revoke an agent’s license if they engage in unethical or illegal practices.

There are several practices that can be considered fraudulent, misrepresentative, or unprofessional when negotiating a real estate transaction. Agents whose licenses are suspended or revoked cannot practice real estate and need to reapply for a license in order to resume working in the industry.

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