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Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) – BHM Course | BHM Colleges in India

    Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)   


BHM Meaning

Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) is an undergraduate degree that concentrates on numerous aspects of hotel management & catering technology. BHM is an undergraduate course that spans a duration of Four years. However, depending upon the country, college and university colleges offer it as a three-year degree programme as well. Candidate learn about different facets of the hospitality industry as part of a BHM course. Aspirants are taught food and beverage preparation, housekeeping, front office operation, computer applications, business communication, accommodation operation, corporate finance, sales, marketing, and public relations in a BHM class. There is a theory component as well as a practical component to the BHM course.

In addition to developing and enhancing personal skills, the BHM course stresses the importance of having a good personality in this career path. In addition to this, the BHM course also teaches students about international standards in regard to hygieny, food safety, and nutrition.The Bachelor of Hotel Management is an undergraduate degree programme designed for students interested in pursuing careers in the hospitality industry. There are many opportunities for individuals who wish to become chefs, receptionists, hotel managers, etc. BHM Courses include topics such as methods of cooking, hotel and restaurant management, tourism management, lodging and facilities management, etc. Communication skills, negotiation skills, and teamwork skills are also taught to the students. 

Objectives of Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) Course

  • In the hotel and catering industry, BHM prepares students for supervisor positions with sufficient knowledge.
  • Gain knowledge of the fundamentals of handling hotels and catering services professionally.
  • Economic and financial success can be achieved by applying basic cost reduction measures.
  • Customers should receive 100 percent quality service from the company.
  • Small and large companies hire BHM graduates as entrepreneurs.
  • Students should be encouraged to take a positive outlook on trade with greater initiative and operations skills.

BHM Course Structure in Nepal

BHM Course Syllabus – Tribhuvan University

There are over 10 hotel management colleges in Nepal that offer the BHM program of Tribhuvan University. Four years, eight semesters, and 120 credit hours of study are required for the TU Bachelor of Hotel Management. More than 600 students are enrolled each year in Tribhuvan University’s BHM program.

  BHM First Semester Subjects   

Course SubjectsCredit HoursCourse Code
English3 hrsENG311
Principles of Management3 hrsMGT311
Food Production & Patisserie I3 hrsBHM301
Food and Beverage Service I3 hrsBHM311
Housekeeping Operation3 hrsBHM321

   BHM Second Semester Subjects   

Food Production & Patisserie II3 hrsBHM302
Food and Beverage Service Operation II3 hrsBHM312
House Keeping Management3 hrsBHM322
Hotel Accounting3 hrsBHM324
Business Communication3 hrsENG203

  BHM Third Semester Subjects   

Cost and Management Accountancy3 hrsACC311
Food Production & Patisserie III3 hrsBHM303
Food and Beverage Service Operation III3 hrsBHM313
Front Office Operations I3 hrsBHM319
Food Science & Nutrition3 hrsBHM323

 BHM Fourth Semester Subjects     

Front Office Management3 hrsBHM320
Food Production Management3 hrsBHM325
Food and Beverage Management3 hrsBHM 326
Financial Management3 hrsFIM311
Human Resources Management3 hrsMGT314

    BHM Fifth Semester Subjects   

Facility Planning and Management3 hrsBHM327
Hospitality Marketing and Sales3 hrsBHM330
Fundamentals of Tourism3 hrsBHM331
Economics3 hrsECO311
Statistics3 hrs


Management Information Systems3 hrsMIS311

   BHM Sixth Semester Subjects    

Industrial Exposure15 hrsBHM 263

BHM Seventh Semester Subjects   

Project Work3 hrsBHM 361
Internship Report3 hrsN/A

BHM Eighth Semester Subjects

Legal Environment for Hospitality3 hrsBHM328
Organization Behavior3 hrsMGT313
Strategic Management3 hrsMGT312
Enterpreneurship for Hospitality3 hrsBHM329
Nepalese Society & Politics3 hrsSOC312
Elective Course

Cultural Resource of Tourism in Nepal
Quality Management


List of BHM Colleges in Nepal 

  BHM Colleges Affiliated to Tribhuvan University 

Balkumari College
Garnish School of Hospitality Management
GoldenGate International College 
Himala Darshan Campus
National College of Computer Studies 
Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management 
Nepal College of Travel & Tourism Management 

   BHM Colleges Affiliated to Pokhara University 

Apollo International College
Atharva Business College
Axis College
Crescent Hotel Management College 
Liberty College
Medhavi College 
Milestone International College 

List of BHM Colleges in India

  Top BHM Colleges in India  

Institute of Hotel Management, Bangalore, (IHM Bangalore)
Guru Nanak Institute of Hotel Management , (GNIHM Kolkata)
Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition,(IHM Mumbai)
Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration (WGSHA, Manipal)
Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute Of Hotel Management & Catering Technology, New Delhi
Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Hotel Management, Catering and Nutrition (IHM)
Army Institute Of Hotel Management & Catering Technology – [AIHMCT], Bangalore
Institute Of Hotel Management – [IHM], Gandhi Nagar

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