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Brand Identity Vs. Brand Image – Branding | Management Notes

Brand Identity Vs Brand Image
Difference between Brand Identity and Brand Image | Branding
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Brand Identity Vs. Brand Image:

Brand is an accumulation of emotional and functional associations ,and a promise that the product will perform as per customer’s expectations.Brand Identity is how you want the consumer to perceive your product or brand whereas Brand Image is the perception of your product or brand by consumers.Some of the key differences between brand identity and brand image are as follows:

Brand Identity Vs. Brand Image

The difference between brand identity and brand image are as follows:


Brand Identity 

Brand Image

1.Brand identity is how the company wants the target audience to perceive the brand.Brand image is the way that the customers actually perceive the brand.
2.Brand identity covers all the visible elements of the brand like its logo, name, colour, design symbol and so forth. brand image encompasses both visual elements such as its logo, tagline, colour, design and brand associations like quality, reliability etc.
3.Brand identity symbolizes firm’s reality, i.e. its vision, mission, core values and objectives,Brand image shows the perception of the consumer about the brand.
4.Brand identity represents “your desire”.Brand image represents “others view”.
5.Brand Identity signifies “where you want to be”.Brand image signifies “what you have got”.
6.Brand identity focuses on looking back, with the aim of improving it. Brand image focuses on looking forward to bettering the consumer experiences with the brand.
7.Brand Identity is active in nature as it requires the active participation of the company.Brand image is passive in nature because created by real experience by consuming it.
8.Brand Identity is enduring.Brand Image is superficial.


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