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parotThe Brave Little Parrot | Adventures In English Vol I
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Management Notes

By : Rafe Martin
Source : Buddhist Legend

Literal Comprehension:

This beautiful ancient tale “The Brave Little Parrot ” was taken by ‘Rafe Martin ‘ from the source Buddhist Legend .Once Buddha was born as a little parrot. In the forest where various animals and birds lived. While all the creatures were spending happy life, a storm and lightening turned the forest into fire. Helpless animals and birds were trapped in the fire. It was terrible picture where birds and animals were crying for help.Seeing that situation the little parrot started to put out the fire by dipping into river and spreading the drops of water into the fire. Though it got burnt all parts of his body the parrot still continued doing the work. Seeing such foolishness of parrot Gods in heaven laughed. But one of the Gods became ready to help him by changing himself into a golden eagle. The parrot didn’t like eagle’s advice rather help when the eagle told the parrot to stop doing that work. So,the eagle began to weep weave upon weave until the fire was put out completely. By the mercy of God all the animals and plants were saved in that forest and there was greenery everywhere. All the animals expressed their gratitude to brave little parrot that saved them.


The writer of this story may be trying to tell us that courage is the powerful weapon in danger. One should fight for the things one believes weather one has reasonable chance of success or not.This stody tells us more about human kindness,love and help. It tells us we should love and help as far as we car selflessly. It we do selfless help, God loves us. Again, another meaning can be that we should always struggle a lot whether it is fruitful or not. Keep on doing struggle but don’t expect the fruit is its lesson. The good deeds of parrot are praiseworthy that are seen by the god as well. Those who have experienced the bitter life or suffering can understand others well.

Critical thinking:

The story teaches us to do selfless service and help to other as moral lesson. But in today’s world some of the ideas of this story seems to be questionable.

(a) Is it possible for a man to be born as a parrot ?
(b) Do we really believe on the existence of god ?
(c) Can pouring tear put out forest fire?

Assimilation :

After reading this story “The Brave Little Parrot” ,I know the importance of the selfish services and kindness.
I actually knew the meaning of bravery seeing the courage and bravery shown by that litte brave parrot. I also understood that , If there is a will there is a way.

Author: Smirti

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