Business Research Methods – Old Question Paper 2012 | Semester : Spring

Business Research Methods
Old Question Paper
Year: 2012 | Semester: Spring
Pokhara University

Exam 2012 Spring
Attempt all the questions

1. a. Define business research. How does business research contribute to business problem solving? [7]
b. Briefly explain the steps involved in the research process? What are the major ethical issues in business research?[8]

2. a. Literature review is the foundation on which the researcher develops the theoretical framework for his or her research. Explain the statement.[7]
b. Explain the difference between a stratified and systematic sampling. Give an example of stratified sampling.[8]
What are the major factors to consider in choosing between a probability and a non-probability sampling?

3. a. Define hypothesis. Explain the importance of hypothesis for a research investigation.[8]
b. What are the purposes of measuring reliability.Describe any two methods used to measure reliability.[7]

4. a. Define research design. Explain the future of a developmental research design.[8]
b. What is qualitative research? How is qualitative research design different from quantitative research design?[7]

5. a. What is questionnaire? Describe the step in the construction of a questionnaire.[8]
b. Define research interview. Explain the process of conducting a research interview.[7]

6. a. What is descriptive method of data analysis? Compare it with inferential method.[8]
b. What purposes do research report serve? What are the essentials of a good research report?[7]

7. Write short notes on any two: [2×5]

a. Experimental research
b. Contents of a research proposal
c. Criteria of selecting a research topic

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