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Business Research Methods – Old Question Paper 2015 | Semester : Spring

Business Research Methods
Old Question Paper
Year: 2015 | Semester: Spring
Pokhara University

Exam 2015 Spring

Attempt all the questions

1. a. What is scientific research? Explain the role of research in business?[8]
b. Write down the nature of management research. How policy researches help to formulate strategy of organization?[7]

2. a. Define literature survey. Explain the criteria of evaluating the literature. [7]
b. Define the term “theoretical framework”.Identify the basic components that should be incorporated in any theoretical framework.[8]

3. a. What is research design? What considerations should be made to select appropriate research design?[8]
b. What is comparative research design? Explain correlation and causal-comparative research design.[7]

4. a. Define sampling? What are the features of stratified random sampling?[7]
b. What is measurement scale? What are the different types o measurement scale?[8]

5. a.Describe hypothesis with suitable example. What are the types of hypotheses?[7]
b. Define research proposal. Describe briefly the basic components of a research proposal.[8]

6. a.What is descriptive method of data analysis? Compare it with inferential method.[7]
b. What is a report? Describe the characteristics of a good research report.[8]

7. Write short notes on any two:[2×5=10]

a. Essentials of good research report
b. Sampling and Non-sampling errors
c. Reliability and Validity


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