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Business Communication II – Old Question Paper 2016 | Semester : Fall

Business Communication II
Old Question Paper
Year: 2016 | Semester: Fall
Pokhara University

Exam 2016 Fall

  1. Read the following case and give analytical answers to the given questions:[15]

Epam is central and Eastern Europe’s biggest TT outsourcing provider. It has development facilities in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Hungary.Epam has successfully developed software solutions for a wider range of industries in over 30 countries worldwide. One of its clients is colgatePalmolive.

To help sales representatives manage a large portfolio of customers, products and promotional material, Colgate-Palmolive wanted a software application that provided up to date information on demand to every salesperson in offices in 30 countries. Epam developed a software application that:

  • Provides sales people with customer, product, availability,promotional, order status and reporting information.
  • Saves costs by replacing the global paper mailing of tens of thousands of product updates and reports each month.
  • Enables a salesperson, with laptop computer, to collaborate with internal contacts, manage customer calls, manage and track sales goals, access a product encyclopedia, enter and monitor orders,analyses sales data and enter and process orders online with no processing delays.

As a result, Colgate-Palmolive’s sales force has become more efficient and effective, especially in dealing with multiple languages, currencies and promotions. This in turn has increased staff morale. The variety of tools and options has increased sales staff’s product knowledge and improved their accuracy. This has led to greater productivity.


  • What were the advantages of outsourcing IT software development for Colgate-Palmolive?
  • What factors do companies need to consider when choosing a provider of outsourcing services?
  • How would you evaluate Epam?
  • What is the significance of software application in today’s business?
  • What can be the possible drawbacks of outsourcing?2. “A company’s image is like an orchestra’. Justify the statement with appropriate examples.Also mention the factors of a company that can create good first impressions within the employees and the customers? [15]
    What are the qualities of an effective business correspondence?Write a letter to your mobile phone service provider complaining about the poor quality of their services. Include problems and also suggestions to improve it.
    3. Answer any five of the following: [5×10]
  1. Suppose you work as a branch manager of a bank. What do you follow in decision-making facts and figures or instinct or both?Give one example of a good decision you have recently made.
  2. Do you prefer working across cultures? What opportunities and can such barriers be removed?
  3. What is a proposal? What are its basic types? Explain briefly the structure of the proposal.
  4. What is outsourcing? What are the pros and cons of outsourcing for the company, customers, and the home country?Explain.
  5. What is a portfolio? How does it help a person in searching new job and persuading the probable employer?
  6. What is a report? Describe briefly about the format of a long report.4. Give short and pertinent answers to any five questions: [5×2]
    a. What is a portfolio? Why is it important?
    b. How can you create effective brochures?
    c. What do you mean by citation and referencing?
    d. Write the types of proposals.
    e. What are the techniques of dealing with customer service problem?
    f. What is the difference between news stories and articles?
    5. Put the letters in order to make words to complete the following sentences:

    a. He is a natural salesman and has a good ………….. with clients.
    b. We value …………, so we employ original thinkers who can come up with new ideas.
    c. We couldn’t fault their ……….. the skill and knowledge of the staff was of a high standard.
    d. Their latest …….. is a cordless interest phone also has a webcam
    6. Correct only the incorrect sentences to make them sensible:a. Do you know what is the time?
    b. Do you know what her phone number is?
    c. Could you tell me where is the information center?
    d. Do you know how much it will cost?
    7. Match the adjectives in the brackets with the definitions below:
    (dissatisfied, responsive, efficient, discourteous, existing, high-quality) [2]

  1. Impolite ……….
  2. Present ……….
  3. We organized ………….
  4. Reacting quickly and positively ……….

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