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Business Environment in Nepal – Old Question Paper 2013 | TU

ggBusiness Environment in Nepal
BBA  4th Semester | Old Question Paper
Year: 2013
Tribhuwan University

Group A
Brief Answer Questions:

1. Write the components of general environment of a business. [1]
2. State any four techniques of environmental scanning. [1]
3. List the different forms of globalization. [1
4. State any three objectives of SAARC. [1]
5. Enlist the elements of socio-cultural components. [1]
6. Point out the types of multinational companies. [1]
7. List any three functions of WTO.[1]
8. State the purpose business legislation. [1]
9. Give three distinctions between free economy and command economy.[1]
10. Specify any three impact of IT on Nepal. [1]

Group B
Short Answer Questions:

11. What are the external components of business environment and why the study of business environment is important? [5]
12. What is BIMSTEC? What are its objectives and functions? [5]
13. What are multinational companies? Explain the problems of multinational companies in host countries. [5]
14. State and explain the roles and responsibilities of government in relation to business.[5]
15. State and explain the status of technology in Nepalese industry sector. [5]
16. What is the current state of FDI in Nepal? What should be done to increase FDI in Nepal?[5]

Group C
Comprehensive Answer Questions:

17. Read the following case carefully and answer the questions given below:

Nepal Biscuit Company (NBC) is the family owned and traditionally managed business involved in the production and distribution of various tastes biscuits in Kathmandu Valley and surrounding. The company with its head office and a small production plant in Lalitpur is serving all over Kathmandu Valley.

The company does not supply its products to the rest parts of the country but there is a substantial demand of the products because of its quality assurance. All the products of the company are hygienic and but are packed scientifically so that there is no chance of quality deterioration for long duration of time.

The regular customers of biscuits are school and college students, office employees, travellers, elders babies etc. at the present time, the number of competitor s are limited and but there is more chance of entry of new competitors due to increasing scope of business. The market opportunity of the company is very high with strong possibility of growth expansion for the business throughout the country and also international level.

The chief executive and owner of the company is Mr. Bineet who actively handles finance supported by Mr. Bimal independently manages production sectors whereas Mr. Binod manages d distribution functions. At present there are about hundred employees working in the company and most of them are very ambitious, achievement-oriented and eager to expand the business in large scale throughout Nepal and also major Indian cities that are close to the Nepalese border. Mr. Bineet was extremely satisfied with the past performance of the company but he has a sense of fear of poor performance in the near future because of change in taste of the customers and entry of new competitor. He does not want to expend the business with a belief that the present volume and coverage is enough for him and believes that expansion will be difficult to manage with present management system. Till to date Bimal and Binod are the major person contributing for the overall success of company. Both of them want to have some share in the concern and strongly advocate in favor of business expansion. It is noticed that if Bineet does not agree with them they will establish their own company and do business as exactly as NBC is doing. Once they go to establish their own company. NBC will be affected adversely and at the same time it would be very default for them to go far outside the Kathmandu valley without strong support of Mr. Bineet.

Employees of the company are not getting extra facility in addition to monthly remuneration. Most of the employees are in favor of expansion of business. In these days employees are not well motivated to do jobs at the best. There are some indications of poor performance of the employees. One of the competitors is trying to attract company’s technical employees and employ them in its own company. Employees of NBC usually meet and discuss fortnightly but the last few months have been passed without having signal meeting. Bineet, Bimal and Binod all are not acting as before in the company. Junior employees are feeling insecure in company. The competitors are also trying to capitalize the situation in their favor. They are using maximum effort to attract main technical employees of NBC.

Questions: [20]

a. What are the main reasons of success of the company  today?[5]
b. What would be the suitable organization structure of company for future prospects? Specify.[5]
c. What steps would management initiate to enhance the motivation level of employees? [5]
d. Suggests proper strategies that would be taken for future prosperity of the company. [5]


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