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Operations Strategy – Starbucks | Operations Management

Operations Management

Operations Strategy | Starbucks | Quality Function Deployment | Operations Management | Westcliff University | Management Notes The first discussion question of week 1 requires us to address several questions in relation to operations strategy and Quality Function Deployment. The discussion question further requires us to analyze the operational strategy of one of the companies … Read more

Objectives of Operations Management – Scope of Operations Management | Management Notes

Objectives of Operations Management

Objectives of Operations Management

The objectives should be clearly identified, structured as well as explicitly stated in order to achieve goals. The main objective of operation management is to provide conversion capabilities for meeting the organization’s goal and strategy.

Operation Management has certain objectives to remain in competitive which can be grouped together in the following ways:

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Difference between Manufacturing and Service Operations | Operation Management

Difference between Manufacturing and Service Operations

Difference between Manufacturing and Service Operations

Businesses that manufacture goods or products by utilizing labor, machinery, and raw materials are manufacturing concerns. Factory, plant, or workshop that produces consumer goods or industrial materials can be included here.

Creating jobs and driving economic growth are important functions of manufacturing concerns in the global economy. Manufacturing concerns face challenges such as rising raw material costs, competition from other companies, and staying up-to-date with new technologies.

Businesses that provide services to their customers are called service-concern businesses. Among the businesses that fall into the category of service concern are consulting firms, law firms, accounting firms, and healthcare providers.

As opposed to tangible goods, these businesses deliver value to their customers through expertise, knowledge, and skills.

Some of the differences between Manufacturing Operations and Service Operations are as follows:

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