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Charismatic leadership is now considered part of ______ leadership. | Management Quiz

Charismatic leadership is now considered part of ______ leadership. 

A. transactional
B. shared
C. laissez-faire
D. servant
E. transformational

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The Correct Answer for the given question is option E. transformational


Charismatic leadership is now considered part of ______ leadership.


Answer Explanation for Question: Charismatic leadership is now considered part of ______ leadership.

Charismatic Leader

A charismatic leader is one who uses communication skills, persuasiveness, and charm to influence others. Since charismatic leaders are able to connect with people on a deep level, they are especially valuable in crisis situations and struggle to move forward. The charismatic leader motivates and inspires their teams to achieve a greater goal by tapping into emotional intelligence, cultivating a sense of trust, passion, and purpose greater than themselves.

Unlike other leadership styles like laissez-faire or autocracy, charismatic leadership emphasizes interpersonal relationships and the way leaders interact with the people they lead. Leaders are often charismatic in some way. People want to follow them as people, not just for business goals. A charismatic leader, however, relies on multiple characteristics of charisma to elicit desired behaviors from employees and the company. Their charisma shapes growth in people and the company and produces specific results.

Characteristics of Charismatic Leadership

Some of the characteristics of charismatic leadership are:

i. Confident
ii. Strong communicator
iii. Motivational
iv. Empathetic and relatable
v. Optimistic
vi. Engaging and charming

A leader must be charismatic in order to communicate, influence, and be comfortable in their own skin. Charisma is a process, a quality that requires the transformation of visions into reality. In addition, charismatic leaders have a powerful personality and excellent communication skills, which they use to persuade employees and keep them engaged during crises. If you possess these qualities, you will help your organization move forward even when it is struggling to progress.


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