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Civil magistrates in massachusetts set up a special court in 1692 to

Civil magistrates in Massachusetts set up a special court in 1692 to

  1. Peter Zenger for libel.
  2. Try people accused of witchcraft.
  3. Pass the Half-Way Covenant.
  4. Create the Frame of Government.

Answer: a. Try people accused of witchcraft.

Answer Explanation

In 1692, civil magistrates in Massachusetts established a special court to address the growing hysteria surrounding accusations of witchcraft. This infamous court, referred to as the Salem Witch Trials, was a dark and troubling chapter in American history.

There were many witch trials that occurred in Salem and its surrounding areas in which numerous people, mainly women, were unjustly persecuted and executed.

Why the other options are not correct:

a. Peter Zenger for libel:

The Peter Zenger case did not occur in 1692, nor is it related to the establishment of a special court in Massachusetts. The Zenger trial occurred in 1735 in the colony of New York and involved issues of freedom of the press.

 Peter Zenger, a newspaper publisher, was charged with libel for criticizing the colonial governor. A significant aspect of the trial was its contribution to developing press freedom in the American colonies and establishing truth as a defense against libel charges.

c. Pass the Half-Way Covenant:

The Half-Way Covenant was a religious and political decision made in 1662, almost 30 years before the Salem Witch Trials. Although the grandparents of church members did not have full church membership, they could still be baptized and enjoy limited church privileges. The purpose of this decision was to maintain church influence and membership in the colony, but it was not connected to the establishment of the special court in 1692.

d. Create the Frame of Government:

William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania, developed the Frame of Government in 1682, also known as the Pennsylvania Frame of Government. The Frame of Government established a representative government for the colony, but was not related to the Massachusetts witch trials. Further, the Frame of Government was not unique to Massachusetts, but rather applied to Pennsylvania as well.


As one of the most infamous instances of mass hysteria, injustice, and human rights violation in American history, the establishment of a special court in Massachusetts in 1692 to try witchcraft defendants was a pivotal moment in American history. Fear, prejudice, and a flawed legal system are unchecked dangers. The Salem Witch Trials serve as a stark reminder of the dangers.

A cautionary tale of 1692 continues to be read today about the importance of due process, the presumption of innocence, and protecting individual rights. In order to prevent such dark chapters from occurring again, we must strive to ensure that justice and fairness prevail over fear and prejudice as we learn from history.

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