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Comic books, Wikipedia, MTV, and a commercial for Coca-Cola are all examples of:

Comic books, Wikipedia, MTV, and a commercial for Coca-Cola are all examples of:


a. media
b. symbolic interaction perspective
c. e-readiness
d. the digital divide

The Correct Answer Is:

  • a. media

The correct answer is indeed (a) “media.” Let’s delve into why this is the case and why the other options are not correct in detail.


Media refers to various means of communication used to transmit information, ideas, and entertainment to a wide audience. Comic books, Wikipedia, MTV, and a commercial for Coca-Cola all fall under the broad category of media.

1. Comic Books:

Comic books are a form of media that use a combination of visual art and text to tell stories or convey information. They have been a popular medium for entertainment and storytelling for decades. Readers engage with the content in a sequential format, which is unique to the medium.

2. Wikipedia:

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that relies on collaborative editing by users from around the world. It provides a vast amount of information on a wide range of topics. It is a digital medium that people access for reference, learning, and research.

3. MTV:

MTV, short for Music Television, is a television network that primarily focuses on music-related content. It broadcasts music videos, interviews, and various shows related to music and pop culture. It is a television-based medium that has had a significant impact on popular culture.

4. Coca-Cola Commercial:

A commercial for Coca-Cola is a form of advertising that is typically broadcast on television or through digital media channels. It is a short video or audio message designed to promote a product or brand, in this case, Coca-Cola. Advertising is a core component of the media industry.

Now, let’s explain why the other options are not correct:

b. Symbolic Interaction Perspective:

The symbolic interaction perspective is a sociological theory that focuses on how individuals create and interpret symbols to give meaning to their interactions with others. It is a framework used to analyze human behavior and communication within a social context.

While media might incorporate elements of symbolic interaction (as they often convey and shape social symbols), it is not an example of the symbolic interaction perspective itself. The options provided are more concrete examples related to media and communication.

c. E-Readiness:

E-readiness is a term used to describe a country or organization’s preparedness to use digital technology effectively. It assesses factors such as internet access, computer literacy, and the availability of digital infrastructure.

None of the provided examples (comic books, Wikipedia, MTV, and a Coca-Cola commercial) directly relate to e-readiness. These examples are content or platforms within the broader digital landscape and are not measures of e-readiness themselves.

d. The Digital Divide:

The digital divide refers to the gap between individuals or communities who have access to digital technology and those who do not. It encompasses disparities in internet access, computer ownership, and digital literacy.

The examples mentioned (comic books, Wikipedia, MTV, and a Coca-Cola commercial) do not directly pertain to the digital divide. Instead, they are various forms of media and content that can be accessed through digital means. The digital divide is a broader social issue that affects the accessibility of such media.

In summary, the correct answer is (a) “media” because comic books, Wikipedia, MTV, and a commercial for Coca-Cola all represent different forms of media used for communication, entertainment, and information dissemination. The other options do not accurately describe the examples provided and are not directly related to the concept of media.

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