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Duration of _________ should be short and should not be repeated too often.

Duration of _________ should be short and should not be repeated too often.


A. Sales promos
B. Market promos
C. Brand promos
D. Product promos

The Correct Answer Is:

  • A. Sales promos

The correct answer is A. Sales promos because the duration of sales promotions should typically be short and not repeated too often. Sales promotions are time-limited marketing tactics designed to stimulate immediate sales, often by offering discounts, deals, or other incentives to encourage purchases within a specific time frame.

These promotions are meant to create a sense of urgency and drive immediate buying decisions, and they are not intended to be ongoing or repeated frequently. Let’s delve into why this answer is correct and why the other options are not applicable:

A. Sales Promos – Correct Answer

Sales promotions are specifically structured to be of short duration. The key reasons for this are as follows:

1. Urgency:

Sales promotions aim to create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to make a purchase quickly. By limiting the duration of the promotion, customers are more likely to take immediate action rather than delaying their purchase decisions.

2. Boost Sales:

These promotions are often used to boost sales within a specific time frame, such as a weekend, a holiday season, or a special event. By offering time-limited discounts or incentives, businesses can generate a spike in sales during the promotion period.

3. Prevent Overuse:

If sales promotions were to run for an extended period or be repeated too often, they might lose their effectiveness. Customers could become accustomed to ongoing discounts, which would reduce the sense of urgency and the incentive to buy.

4. Preserve Profit Margins:

Short-term promotions allow businesses to manage their profit margins more effectively. They can offer discounts or incentives for a limited time without significantly impacting their overall profitability over the long term.

B. Market Promos – Not Correct

The term “market promos” is not a widely recognized term in marketing, and its meaning can vary. If we consider it as promotional activities targeting an entire market or customer segment, the duration may vary. Some market promotions could be ongoing or have longer durations, depending on the marketing strategy and objectives.

Therefore, market promos do not inherently require a short duration, making it an incorrect choice.

C. Brand Promos – Not Correct

“Brand promos” generally refer to promotional activities related to building and promoting a brand as a whole. These efforts are often ongoing and not typically time-limited. Brand promotion is focused on establishing and maintaining a brand’s image, value, and reputation over the long term, rather than driving immediate sales through short-term promotions.

D. Product Promos – Not Correct

“Product promos” refer to promotional activities for specific products within a brand’s product line. The duration of product promotions can vary based on the marketing objectives.

Some product promotions might be short-term, like clearance sales, while others could be ongoing for products with a long lifecycle. The duration of product promos is not inherently short, making it an incorrect choice.

In summary, the correct answer is A. Sales promos because they are designed to be of short duration to create a sense of urgency, boost immediate sales, prevent overuse of discounts, and preserve profit margins.

On the other hand, market promos, brand promos, and product promos do not inherently require a short duration and may have varying timeframes based on their specific marketing goals and strategies.

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