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English II | Question Paper-2015 | Semester : Fall | Pokhara University

gEnglish II
Pokhara University | Old Question Paper
BBA | Second Semester
Level : Bachelor
Year: 2015 | Semester : Fall

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Attempt all the questions

1) Answer these questions
a) Read the lines below by Rudyard Kipling and answer the following question s that follow. [15]

Now we can only wait till the day, wait and apportion our shame. These are the dykes our fathers left, time and again we delayed .
Now, it may fall, we have slain our sons, as our fathers we have betrayed
i. Why has Anuradha Chaudhary used the above lines in her essay?
ii. What are the facts that the writer has highlighted in her essay?
iii. “We seem bent on digging our own or our descendants’ graves”. Do you agree her? Why? Why not?
iv. Do you think we should be worried about the situation as the writer points out?
v. Write a paragraph to agree/disagree with her with examples from the present situation of the world.

b. What do you mean by corporate entertainment? Discuss the possible problems that could occur during the event and how could such problems be avoided. [ 15]

2. Answer any Five of the following [5 x 10]

a) Interpret the poem “To His Coy Mistress’’ by Andrew Marvell.
b) Write a literal comprehension of the story “A Tale” by B.P Koirala ?
c) Suppose you are working in a customer service department of a reputed bank. Tell your friend about your job and the major works done at your department.
d) Imagine you are attending an interview for the post of Marketing Manager. Present about yourself including your education, previous employment, recent experiences, present role and plans for your future.
e) Mention the five stages of grief and explain each one of them.
f) Enumerate any six rules for good customer service. Explain all of them.

3. Answer any Ten of the following

a) What is the great answer given in ‘The Great Answer?
b) ls Mr. Newbold guilty? Why or why not?
c) What are the motherly duties enumerated in the poem ‘Don’t Cut down the Trees, Brother Woodcutter ?
d) What does an online retailer look for in a delivery company?
e) Multi-tasking is a waste of time. Comment.
f) What is word of mouth advertising?
g) Why did Mr. Newbold hide the secret of tiny closet?
h) Write an advertisement for the post of a receptionist in a 5 star hotel
i) Edit the following sentences
• I don’t like him no more.
• I love you to, Julian.
j) Rewrite these sentences in the passive form
• The HR Department s an email to all employees
• Someone stole the money during the night
k) Summarize the poem “No Smoke from the Chimneys” by Siddhicharan Shrestha.
l) Discuss how Parijat’s response to the New Year deviates from our regular expectation?


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