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ERG Theory – Existence, Relatedness, and Growth | Alderfer’s ERG theory

Alderfer’s ERG theory

Alderfer extends and refines the theory of Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory. It classifies human need into three levels of hierarchy i.e ERG. The ERG stands for three basic categories; Existence, Relatedness, and Growth. This theory argues that there is no rigid hierarchy need. People may operate more than one need at a single time. For example, physiological and security needs could be operated at the same time.

Existence Needs

They are basic human needs essential for the survival of any human being. They are just like physiological and security of need of Maslow hierarchy need. Physiological needs are basic needs essential for the survival of human beings like food, water, shelter, rest, clothes. Similarly, security need involves protection against unexpected events and uncertainty and risk like fire, accident, security, old age, disease, permanent disability, etc.

Relatedness Needs

It is concerned with maintaining relations with others like social and esteem needs. Social needs include factors like affection, sense of belongingness, acceptance, friendship, etc. Having a good relationship and interaction with other humans are need of every people though it is not strong as our basic need of survival. Good interactions are positive in nature and make people happy. Esteem need includes internal factors like self-respect, autonomy, and achievement and external factor includes status, recognition, attention, etc.

Growth Needs

It is a high-level need concerned with self-esteem and self-actualization. It refers to the personal growth of a person to be creative and performs meaningful life. Personal growth also refers to the potentiality of the individual to deal with the external land current situation. Interesting, and challenging job provides motivation to grow and enhance opportunities.

It finally helps in self-fulfillment, self-actualization, independence, and spontaneity. It develops a good perception of reality in an individual. Thus, managers should know the need of every individual to assign the job and motivate them. It helps to complete their work with full responsibility.

ERG Theory Quiz 

How many levels appear in Alderfer’s erg theory?

Difference between Maslow’s need hierarchy and Alderfer’s erg theory is that

Which of the following is true of Alderfer’s erg theory?

According to Alderfer’s erg theory, the lowest-order need is ____.

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