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Product Labelling: Labeling is any written, electronic, or elaborately designed graphic on the packaging or on a separate but associated label. Sellers must label products. The label may be a simple tag attached to the product or an elaborately designed graphic that is part of the package.

The label might carry only the brand name or a great deal of information. The major factors that are considered in labeling the product are explained as follows.

Product Labelling

Factors to be considered while Labeling the Product

a) Language:

While labeling the product, the language that is easily understood by the target market be used as language is a major factor to be considered. While marketing products in an international market, even if labels were standardized in message content from country to country, still the language would probably vary in each market.

If the label contains important communication information, it must be in the language that the customer understands.

b) Government regulations:

Each and every marketer must consider the local government regulations regarding labeling while using labels. Because different countries may have different regulations in this regard, such as in Canada, bilingual, French, and English labeling is a legal requirement and the local government can confiscate products that are not labeled correctly.

c) Consumer information:

A good label must provide information about the different aspects of the product because sometimes consumers may require it. In principle, a “single-language” label is desirable when a product has a particular national image and has to communicate to a particular market only.

However, if consumer’s demand for more languages “multi-lingual” labels have to be used “Multi-lingual” brands are desirable especially when the marketer has to communicate to several markets having diverse language and culture.

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