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Characteristics of Group – What is a Group? | Organizational Behavior

What is a Group?

A group is the collection of two or more two people working together, interacting and interdependent having a common goal. In our daily life group has been a central part. One of the social characteristics of a group is that we belong to many different types of groups in our daily lives like family, friends, schools, offices, etc. If we talk about social aggregate then they are the collection of people situationally together but no common interest. Properties of a group include closure, associativity, identity, etc.

Characteristics of group in Organisational Behaviour

There are certain features of a group which is as follows:

  • Collection of two or more people

Groups are the collection of two or large groups of people. Groups are composed of two or more persons in social interaction. One plus one makes a group and groups and groups form an organization. A single person cannot form a group as it at least requires two people for group formation.

  • Common goal or interest

In a group, every member shares common interests or goals. For example, members of a marketing department constitute a group that is sustained by the mutual interest of the members. The shared goal determines and identifies that all the members of the group have common goals.

  • Interaction and interdependent

In any group, there is interaction and interdependence among the group members either physically or virtually to accomplish the group goal.

For example, co-workers may work side by side on related tasks in a work unit.

  • Collective identity

Groups have a collective identity, not the sum of individual members. Perhaps, it is the awareness of each other that most clearly differentiates a group from an aggregation of individuals. Groups are composed of people who recognize each other as a member of their group and can distinguish these individuals from non-members.

  • A stable structure

Groups have a defined structure that gives a relationship that keeps group members together with stable functioning as a unit. It clarifies the roles, authority, and responsibility of each group member which is important to accomplish group goals.


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