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Fundamentals of Organizational Behaviour – Old Question Paper 2012 | Semester:Fall

partFundamentals of Organizational Behaviour
Old Question Paper
Year: 2012 | Semester:Fall
Pokhara University

Exam 2012 Fall

  1. a. What is organizational Behaviour? Describe how organizational behaviour is an interdisciplinary subject.[7]
    b. What are some of the critical behavioural issues facing today’s organization and management?[8]
  2. a. Define attitude. Explain the various types of job related attitudes with suitable examples.[7]
    b. What is attribution theory of perception? Discuss the possible errors while attributing others. [8]
  3. a. What is personality? How do the Big Five traits predict behaviour of individuals? Explain.[7]
    b. Explain the equity theory of motivation. How equity perceptions are formed?[8]
  4. a. Define team.Describe the process variables associated with effective teams.[7]
    OR ,Describe the group concept in organization. Identify the stages of group development. [7]
    b. How does the leader influence the behaviour of followers towards goal achievement? Explain with reference to the path goal theory of leadership.[8]
  5. a. Describe the barriers to effective communication in organization. How can they be overcomed?[8]
    b. Define conflict in organization.Discuss the nature and causes of inter group conflict in an organizational setting.[7]
  6. a. Under what conditions will people be most willing to make changes in organizations? Explain your answer with a suitable example.[8]

         What is stress? Explain in brief the organizational stress management strategies ?
b. What do you mean by the matrix organization design? What kinds of organization can apply this structure?              Why?[7]

       7. Write short notes on any two:[2×5=10]
a. Basic OB Model
b. Emotional Intelligence
c. Organizational culture


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