Fundamentals of Organizational Behaviour – Old Question Paper 2013 | Semester :Fall

ques1Fundamentals of Organizational Behaviour
Old Question Paper
Year: 2013 | Semester:Fall
Pokhara University

Exam 2013 Fall

Attempt all the questions.

  1. a. Define organizational behavior. How does the knowledge organizational behavior contribute towards proper management of an organization? Explain.[8]
    b. Discuss the emerging trends in organizational behavior.[7]
  2. a.What are the determinants of individual behavior? Why do you think manger needs to be concerned with individual behavior?[8]
    b. Behaviour is based on one’s perception of what the reality is, not on reality itself. Discuss.[7]
    Critically analyze Hertzberg’s motivation-hygiene theory. [7]
  3. a. Is attitude the sole predictor of behavior? Discuss the factors that affect attitudes.[8]
    b. What are the consequences associated with organizational commitment?Explain what can be done to enhance organizational commitment.[7]
  4. a. Within organization, there are formal and informal groups. Why are both types of group important for organizations?[7]
    b. Discuss in detail the process of communication in an organizational setting.[8]
  5. a. Explain the concept of people-oriented leadership. What are the current issues in leadership?[7]
    b. What is inter-group conflict? How can it be minimized? Discuss.[8]
  6. a. Define organizational design.What can be done to increase the job autonomy of employee?[7]
    b. “Organizations are more likely to succeed when they have an adaptive culture”. Do you agree? Why or why not? [8]
  7. Write short notes on any two:[2×5=10]
    a. Lewin’s force field analysis
    b. Consequences of stress
    c. Barriers to communication

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