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Old Question Paper 2013 Spring – Spring Semester | Organizational Behaviour

Old Question Paper 2013 Spring Fundamentals of Organizational Behaviour |BBA | BBA-BI | BBA-TT | BCIS | BHCM Semester: Spring |
Pokhara University

Old Question Paper 2013 Spring
Exam 2013 Spring

  1. a. What is the organization behavior? How can the knowledge of organization behavior be helpful to the manager for proper management of an organization? Explain.[7]
    b. Identify and explain the challenges and opportunities managers have in applying organizational behavior. [8]
  2. a. What are the major personalities attributes influencing organizational behavior?[8]
    b. Compare and contrast motivation theories of Maslow and Herzberg. How are these theories important to motivate employees at work?[7]
  3. a. What is perception? What are the factors that influence individual perception?[8]
    b. What is organization culture and how it is transmitted to employees? [7]
  4. a. What is the difference between functional and dysfunctional conflict?How stimulating conflict can provide benefits to the organization. [8]
    b. Explain the factors responsible for the job satisfaction of employees.[7]
    What is value system? How it affects an employees loyalty and efficiency at work place? Explain.
  5. a. What are the current in communication? Explain with examples. [8]
    b. Define leadership. Discuss the five main perspectives of the grid theory.[7]
  6. a. What is an informal group? Describe the significance of this group for an organization. [7]
    Describe the group concept in organization and identify the group development states. [7]
    b. What are the major sources of stress and how can a manager deal with managing stress in work environment?[8]
  7. Write shoet notes on any two:[2×5=10]
    a. Emotional Intelligence.
    b. Workforce Diversity
    c. Components of attitude


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