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Fundamentals of Organizational Behaviour – Old Question Paper 2014 | Semester:Spring

quesFundamentals of Organizational Behaviour
Old Question Paper
Year: 2014 | Semester:Spring
Pokhara University

Exam 2014 Spring

Attempt all the questions.

  1. a. How does the knowledge of organizational behaviour contribute to proper management of an organization? Explain.[7]
    b. Increasing workforce diversity in the organization poses both challenges and opportunities for managers? Discuss.[8]
  2. a. What do you mean by value” of an individuan? Explain the types of values. [7]
    b.What is attribution theory of perception? Discuss the possible errors while attributing? [8]
  3. a. What is personality? Besides the Big Five, what other personality traits relevant to organizational behaviour. Explain.[8]
    b. Define motivation. Which motivation theory have you found to be most useful in explaining why people behave in a certain way? Why?[7]
  4. a. What are the key parts of the communication process? How do yo distinguish formal and informal communication?[8]
    b. Describe the causes of conflict in organizations. Also discuss about the positive and negative consequences of conflict in organizations. [7]
  5. a. “All managers must have leadership qualities but all leaders cannot have managerial qualities”. Discuss.[8]
    b. How do you explain the growing popularity of teams in organizations? [7]
  6. a. What is organizational design? Briefly explain about the organizational designs?
    What could be the major causes of stress? How can an organization manage such stress? [7]
    b. Define organizational development? Describe the steps involved in the organizational development process.[8]
  7. Write notes on any two: [2×5=10]
    a.Organizational culture
    b. Attitudes beliefs
    c. Emerging trends in OB

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