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Fundamentals of Sociology – Old Question Paper 2005 | Semester: Spring

sociooFundamentals of Sociology
Old Question Paper
Year: 2005 | Semester: Spring
Pokhara University

           Exam 2005 Spring

1. a. Define sociology and discuss its relationship with Anthropology and Psychology. [4+4]
b. Describe the major branches of sociology. [7]
What do you mean by sociological theory? Briefly describe the major theories of sociology. [15]

2. a. Is sociology a science? If yes, give reasons. [3+4]
b. Define culture and discuss how culture is so important for our social life. [4+4]

3. a. Define marriage. Discuss the changing practices of marriage system in present day Nepalese society. [7]
b. What is organization? Describe briefly the main characteristics of bureaucracy. [3+5]

4. a. What is religion? Can we relate religion with morality? [4+3]
b. What do we mean by socio-cultural change? Describe briefly the changes brought by industrialization in a society. [4+4]

5. a. What do you mean by social inequality? Explain the functionalist dimension of social stratification. [3+5]
b. What is socialization? Briefly describe the agents of socialization. [7]

6. a. What is business ethics? Briefly describe the need of business ethics to a successful business entrepreneur. [3+4]
b. What is negotiation? Discuss the importance of negotiation to a business form which is running in stage of break-even point. [4+4]

7. Write short notes on (Any Two). [2×5=10]
a. Process of sanskritization
b. Synthetic school
c. Ethnocentrism and cultural relativism.


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