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Fundamentals of Sociology – Old Question Paper 2007 | Semester: Spring

peopleFundamentals of Sociology
Old Question Paper
Year: 2007 | Semester: Spring
Pokhara University

    Exam 2007 Spring

1.  a. Define sociology. Discuss the nature of sociology. [8]
b. Discuss the contribution of sociology to business management. [7]

2. a. Write the basic assumptions of the functionalist, conflict and interactionism theories. [7]
b. What is social control? Explain the various agencies of social control. [8]

3. a. Define society. Discuss the nature of society. [7]
b. Explain “why is culture important to human beings.” [8]

4. a. Compare the features of joint and nuclear families. [7]
b. Explain why are groups formed in human society. [8]

5. Define socialization. Discuss the role of the various agents in primary socialization. How does socialization play its role in personality development? [15]
Define social stratification. What is its significance? Discuss the features of the gender discrimination in Nepal.

6. Define social change. Explain how do physical environment, social organization, technology, and population cause the social change? [15]

7. Write short notes on (Any Two) : [2×5=10]
a. Deviance
b. Social values
c. Marriage
d. Positivism


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