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Fundamentals of Sociology – Old Question Paper 2009 | Semester: Fall

socioFundamentals of Sociology
Old Question Paper
Year: 2009 | Semester: Fall
Pokhara University

                                             Exam 2009 Fall

1. a. Is Sociology a science with its own subject matter? Discuss. [8]
b. Distinguish between primary and secondary group stressing their importance for social life. [7]
What do you mean by sociological perspectives? Briefly describe the major perspectives of Sociology. [15]

2. a. ‘Culture is vital for every society. Explain. [10]
b. ‘Bureaucracy is a necessary part of modern organization.’ Discuss the statement. [5]

3. a. Discuss marriage as an important social institution. [8]
b. How do conflict theorists view religion? [7]

4. a. Examine the importance of culture and environment as the determinants of personality. [7]
b. Discuss how gender is one of the most important factors of social stratification in Nepalese context. [8]

5. a. Is social control necessary? What are the various means through which social control may be exercised? [8]
b. Give a general account of the various factors of social change with examples. [7]

6. a. Differentiate between ‘crime’ and ‘deviance’. [8]
b. Which types of family do you prefer joint or nuclear? Why? [7]

7. Write short notes on: (Any Two) [2×5=10]
a. Industrial society
b. Rule of avoidance
c. Importance of sociology for business managers
d. Democracy and totalitarianism


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