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Fundamentals of Sociology – Old Question Paper 2012 | Semester : Spring

shareFundamentals of Sociology
Old Question Paper
Year: 2012 | Semester:Spring
Pokhara University

                              Exam 2012 Spring

1. a. Define sociology. Discuss the methods of studying sociology along with limitations. [7]
b. Discuss the relationship of sociology with other social sciences especially highlighting the business and management. [8]

2. a. Discuss functional perspective. How functional been criticized by conflict theorist? [7]
b. Distinguish between Pre-industrial and Industrial society. [8]

3. a. Define formal organizations and discuss the bureaucratic characteristics as defined by Max Weber. [7]
b. What are the changing trends of Nepalese family? Explain with examples. [8]

4. a. Elucidate changing structure of family and marriage in modern society. [7]
b. Discuss the functionalist and conflict approach to religion. [8]

5. a. Discuss socialization. Evaluate primary socialization. [7]
b. “Cast is changing into class in Nepalese society.” Do you agree? Elucidate your argument. [8]

6. a. Discuss social control. Shed light on the role of formal control in controlling crime and deviance in modern societies. [8]
b. Explain Karl Marx’s theory of social change. What are the reactions of functionalists to his views? [7]

7. Writes short notes on any two: [2 x 5=10]
a. Primary and Secondary Group
b. Kinship Usages
c. Factors determining personality

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