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Fundamentals of Sociology – Old Question Paper 2013 | Semester : Spring

famFundamentals of Sociology
Old Question Paper
Year: 2013 | Semester:Spring
Pokhara University

                  Exam 2013 Spring

1. a. Define sociology. What are the limitations of sociology as scientific method of study? [7]
b. Define “Society” and “Community. How do you differentiate society and community from group? [8]

2. a. Critically analyze the key assumptions of interactionist analysis. How does this analysis differ from functionalism and Marxism? [7+8]

3. a. “Society is a network of human relationships.” Explain. [7]
b. Define primary group in relation to business organization and explain why it is regarded as primary. [8]

4. a. What are the changes that have in family structure and function in the present-day Nepali society? Do these changes affect business practices? [7+8]
Explain the difference between crime and deviance. [8]
Define organization. What are the features of formal organization? [7]

5. a. Critically examine the role of culture in the formation of human personality. [7]
b. Discuss how class system is emerging as one of the most important bases of social stratification. [8]

6. a. Is social control important to maintain ethical business practices in Nepal? [8]
b. Explain the relationship between social change, social control and education. [7]

7. Write short notes on any Two: [2×5=10]
a. Weber’s bureaucracy
b. Monogamy Vs polygamy
c. Gender inequality in Nepal.


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