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Fundamentals of Sociology – Old Question Paper 2014 | Semester : Spring

7Fundamentals of Sociology
Old Question Paper
Year: 2014 | Semester:Spring
Pokhara University

                                                   Exam 2014 Spring

Attempt all the questions.

1. a. Define sociology. Explain its importance in the field of business and management. [7]
b. Discuss the use of functionalism perspective to understand management problem within the organization with its basic assumptions. [8]

2. a. Explain the similarities and differences between society and community. [7]
b. Elaborate the concept of organization. Distinguish institutions from organization with appropriate examples. [8]

3. a. Define family with its characteristics. Discuss the changing functions of family in present day Nepali society with suitable illustrations.[8]
b. Discuss the conflict and functional view of education with examples.[7]

4. a. Define primary socialization with the reference of Freud, Mead Cooley and piaget .[8]
b. Discuss the concept of socialization and explain briefly the stages of socialization. [7]

5. a. Explain social stratification. Give distinction between social stratification and differentiation with the references to Nepali society. [8]
b. Distinguish between crime and deviance with appropriate examples. Discuss briefly agents of social control. [7]

6. a. Define social change. Explain the casual factors of social change with [8].
b. What do you mean by personality development? Discuss the determining factors of personality development. [7]

7. Write short notes on any two:[2×5=10]
a. Social sanction and conformity
b. Interactionism
c. Deviance


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