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General controls will be ineffective when EDP department-

General controls will be ineffective when EDP department-


a) Participates in computer software acquisition decisions
b) Design Documentation for computerized operations.
c) Originate changes in master files.
d) Provide physical security for programme files.

The Correct Answer Is:

c) Originate changes in master files.

Correct Answer (c): Originate changes in master files

The correct answer is (c) Originate changes in master files because this action directly involves the manipulation of core data within a system, which has a significant impact on the organization’s operations and processes.

Making changes in master files can lead to alterations in critical information that various departments rely on for their day-to-day functions. If the EDP (Electronic Data Processing) department has unrestricted control over this aspect without proper oversight or checks, it could potentially lead to errors, unauthorized access, or even data breaches.


The EDP department is responsible for the electronic processing of data within an organization. This includes tasks such as data entry, data processing, and data storage.

The master files contain the foundational data that is used by various applications and systems within an organization. These files serve as a primary source of information for business operations.

Here’s a detailed explanation of why the other options are incorrect:

(a) Participates in computer software acquisition decisions:

While the EDP department does play a crucial role in software acquisition decisions, this activity doesn’t directly relate to the control over master files. Acquiring software involves considerations such as compatibility, functionality, and cost-effectiveness, but it doesn’t necessarily grant the department control over fundamental data files.

The EDP department’s involvement in software acquisition is crucial for ensuring that the organization adopts the most suitable applications and systems. Their expertise in assessing compatibility, functionality, and cost-effectiveness greatly influences the organization’s technological infrastructure.

(b) Design Documentation for computerized operations:

Designing documentation for computerized operations involves creating manuals, guides, and procedures for how computer systems and software should be used within the organization.

This task is essential for ensuring that employees understand how to operate the systems effectively. However, it doesn’t grant the EDP department unrestricted control over master files.

Creating comprehensive documentation for computerized operations is vital in ensuring that employees can navigate and utilize the organization’s systems efficiently. Well-structured guides and manuals facilitate seamless operations across different departments and roles.

(d) Provide physical security for program files:

Providing physical security for program files is a crucial task that ensures that software and data stored on physical devices (like servers, hard drives, etc.) are protected from theft, damage, or unauthorized access. Again, this task is important, but it doesn’t specifically pertain to the control over master files.

The EDP department’s responsibility for the physical security of program files helps safeguard the organization’s valuable data from potential threats or unauthorized access. Their efforts in maintaining secure storage environments play a critical role in protecting sensitive information.

In summary, the correct answer is (c) because originating changes in master files directly affects the core data used by various departments. The other options, while important in their own right, do not involve this level of direct control over critical organizational data.

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