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General Psychology | Old Question Paper 2005 | Semester – Fall

questionGeneral Psychology
Old Question Paper
Year: 2005 | Semester : Fall
Pokhara University
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Exam 2005 Fall

Attempt all the questions.

1. Define Psychology and explain its subject matter. [15]
Examine the contribution of Wundt, Freud and Watson in modernizing the Psychology.

2. What Primary and Secondary motive? What is their significance in explaining human behavior? [15]

3. Describe the nature of classical conditioning and show how it different from Insight learning? [15]
Explain the reinforcement theory of learning.

4. Give an account about memory process. How do you explain forgetting approximately? [15]

5. Describe general and specific Intelligence. [10]

6. What are the influencing factors which play the major role of Personality development? [10]

7. Write short notes (Any Two): [20]
a. Neuron
b. Impact of Psychology in business
c. Thinking
d. Error in perception


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  1. yo question ko suitable answers ni hunu parney it would be easier to read..question lekhdai answer khojna ni etro 100+ question xaa


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