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General Psychology – Old Question Paper 2006 | Semester – Fall

questionGeneral Psychology
Old Question Paper
Year: 2006 | Semester : Fall
Pokhara University
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Exam 2006 Fall

Attempt all the questions.

1. a. Explain “Psychology as empirical Science of behaviour”. [8]
b. Discuss the scope of psychology. [7]

2. Discuss the structure and function of peripheral nervous system. [15]
Discuss the various factors that influence personality development.

3. a. Define memory and explain process of memorization. [7]
b. Describe theory of classical conditioning and its importance in learning. [8]

4. a. Illustrate the various conflict motivations. [8]
b. Explain “how frustration and stress are related with motivation”? [7]

5. a. Explain “Sensation as a raw material for experience”. [7]
b. Discuss any four laws of perception. [8]

6. Describe different types of thinking and discuss the steps of problem solving. [15]
Define intelligence, discuss the types of intelligence, Explain why Benet Simon Test is used?

7. Write short notes on (Any Two): [2×5=10]
a. Rorschach -ink-Blot Test
b. IQ
c. Attention
d. Forgetting


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