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General Psychology – Old Question Paper 2009 | Semester: Fall

questionGeneral Psychology
Old Question Paper
Year: 2009 | Semester: Fall
Pokhara University

Exam 2009 Fall

1. a. Define psychology. Distinguish between overt and covert behaviour. [7]
b. Discuss the scope and application of psychology in the field of management. [8]
2. a. Discuss memorization process. How can we improve our term memory? [7]
b. Define “emotion” and describe its dimensions. Does displayed emotion is necessary at workplace?
3. a. Discuss on schedules of reinforcement in operant conditioning learning with applications. [8]
b. Conflict of motives is a major source of stress. Explain. [7]
4. a. What is attention? Describe its process with theory. [7]
Define sensation. Discuss the visual sensory process.
b. Explain the gestalt laws of perceptual grouping. [8]
5. a. Describe the process of concept formation with example. [8]
b. What is intelligence? How does IQ measure an individual’s intelligence? [7]
6. a. Define personality and mention the factors influencing personality. [7]
b. “ Projective technique is the best method to understand motivational aspect of personality”. Discuss. [8]
7. Write short notes on: (Any Two) [2×5=10]
a. Hallucination
b. Incentives
c. Divergent thinking
d. Frustration


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