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General Psychology – Old Question Paper 2010| Semester – Spring

questionGeneral Psychology
Old Question Paper
Year: 2010 | Semester: Spring
Pokhara University
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Exam 2010 Spring

1. a. Psychology is the study of human and animal behavior.” Explain the statement. [8]
b. Describe the functions of sympathetic and parasympathetic systems in coordinating human behavior. [7]

2. a. List the various types of forgetting. Describe any two major causes of forgetting. [8]
b. Explain the relationship of motivation with need, drive and incentive. [7]

3. a. What are the different schedules of reinforcement? How do they help an employee to carry out a desired behavior? [7]
b. What is perception? What are the different errors in perception? Describe them briefly. [8]

4. a. What is attention? Describe the various factors that influence attention. [7]
b. What is concept formation? What are the different processes involved in concept formation? [8]

5. a. Define comprehensively the term intelligence. Describe the spearman theory of intelligence. life of an individual? [7]
b. What is the role of culture and genetics to shape the life of an individual? [8]

6. a. What is frustration? How can individuals overcome their frustrated mental state? [8]
b. Establish the relationship between mental age (MA) and chronological age (CA) determining intelligence quotient (IQ). [7]
What are the various methods of assessing personality? Explain them in brief.

7. Write short notes on any two. [2×5=10]
a. Convergent and divergent thinking
b. Overt and covert behavior
c. Gustatory and Coetaneous sensation
d. Central nervous system


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