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General Psychology – Old Question Paper 2011| Semester – Fall

questionGeneral Psychology
Old Question Paper
Year: 2011 | Semester:Fall
Pokhara University
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Exam 2011 Fall

Attempt all the questions.

1. a. Why is psychology regarded as an empirical science? Describe the contribution of psychology to business world. [1+3+4]
b. Explain the scope of psychology. Describe the naturalistic observation method of studying psychology. [3+4]
2. a. Describe the various functions of neuron. Explain the central and peripheral nervous system. [3+5]
b. What is learning? Describe the classical conditioning theory of learning. [3+4]
3. a. Explain the nature and types of emotions. Describe in brief the emotional development and bodily changes in emotion. [3+5]
b. What do you by sensation? Describe the various types of senses in brief. [2+6]
4. a. What are the major factors of attention? Explain the main concepts of attention. [3+4]
b. What is law of perception? Explain the errors in perception. [4+4]
5. a. What is problem solving? Explain the main steps in problem solving. [4+3]
b. Explain the major types of intelligence. Describe the Benet-Simon intelligence test. [4+4]
6. a. Define Personality. Describe the factors influencing personality development. [3+4]
b. Distinguish between Rorschach Ink-blot Test and Thematic Appreciation Test. [7]
7. Write short notes on any two: [2×5=10]
a. Operant conditioning
b. Stress
c. Divergent versus convergent thinking
d. Types of motives

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