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General Psychology – Question Paper 2010 | Semester: Fall

questionGeneral Psychology
Old Question Paper
Year: 2010 | Semester: Fall
Pokhara University
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Exam 2010 Fall

Attempt all the questions

1) a. Critically examine with suitable references that “Psychology is the scientific
study of human behavior”. [8]
b. What is experiment method? Explain the pros and cons of experimental method.[7]

2) a. Explain all the divisions of Central Nervous System.[8]
Explain the localization of brain with reference to Lashiey’s Law.
b. Neuron is the basic unit of nervous system. Justify.[7]

3) a. Define Memory. Describe the process of memorization.[8]
b. Define learning. Explain the factors of affecting learning.[7]

4) a. What is motivation? Explain about motivation cycle.[7]
b. How would you cope with your stress? Justify your answer if stress could be useful.[8]

5) a. Elucidate the meaning of perception and describe its four laws.[8]
b. What are the factors affecting attention? Briefly explain.[7]

6) a. “Heredity determines personality”. Present your arguments in favour and against this statement.[7]
b. Explain about the scientific steps of problem-solving.[8]

7) Write short notes on (Any Two} [2 X 5]
a. Benet-Simon Intelligence Test
b. Sensation
c. S-R & S-O-R Paradigm


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