Golden Circle Model | Simon Sinek

Golden Circle Model | Simon Sinek

This video by Simon Sinek talks about the “Golden-Circle Model” to explain why some of the leaders and organization are able to inspire and achieve success while others are not. The keynote of this video is that Organization and leaders must focus on why aspect rather than how and what. The video explains that in this world there are many organizations who know what they are doing and how they will do that but only few organizations are there who actually know why they are doing it actually describing their purpose, cause and belief.


This video explains many of the leaders in the way think, act and communicate is from outside to in but the inspired leaders, inspired organization regardless of their size, industry think, act and communicate from inside and out. This video further highlights that in today’s context people don’t buy what you do but rather buy why you do. The main aspect about the video is that when people believe in what you believe and why you are doing then they will be loyal to the organization and work hard with full of their blood, sweat and tear.

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