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The Great Answer – Four Levels | Adventures in English Vol II

The Great Answer
Four Levels | Adventures In English Vol II
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Unit : Seven (Life and Death)
Written By :Charles Fulton Oursler (January 22, 1893, in Baltimore, Maryland – May 24, 1952, in New York City) was an American journalist, playwright, editor and writer. Writing as Anthony Abbot, he was a notable author of mysteries and detective fiction.Oursler wrote a number of novels. These include Sandalwood (1925), Stepchild of the Moon (1926) and The World’s Delight (1929). He also wrote detective stories and magazine articles under the pseudonym Anthony Abbot, as well as several plays, the most famous of which was the gimmick-filled The Spider (1928), co-written with Lowell Brentano and later filmed twice, in 1931 and 1945. The great success of the play attracted four plagiarism suits, which were successfully defended by Oursler’s private attorney, Arthur Garfield Hays.

Literal Comprehension:

“The Great Answer” is written by Charles Fulton Oursler.During the second world war the secret German police (Geslapo) were looking for the refugees to arrest and burn them alive. The refugees were living near the Spanish border. They couldn’t cross the border because the guards were very cruel and they didn’t permit the refugees to cross the border.. There was also a young woman with her four years daughter. One day she prayed the God to save her and her daughter. The next day a young man came to her room. He was the leader of the refugees. He told her to come to certain place at night with her daughter. When she reached there, she saw many other refugees who welcomed her. The leader told everyone tp carry the daughter of the woman turn by turn. As they went on higher, three old men gave up and told the others to leave them there to die and save themselves. But the leader made them carry little girl one by one. When they carried the little girl they got new energy and in the morning they all crossed the Spanish border and rfeached safe place. It was the greater answer for the riddle of life.


The writer may be trying to show the importance of selfless service of the needy people. He also suggests us to act courageously even in the difficult situation. If we help other even in our difficult situation, God gives us energy and courage as the three old men got. The writer also says that God helps us those who help themselves.This story might be trying to tell us that life is full of struggle and that those who worked harder even at the critical moment are sure to get success. It may also be interpreted to mean that success welcomes those who are never tired of hard labor.

Critical Thinking:

This short story has beautifully presented the great answer for the riddle of life.Although this story gives a great moral lesson, some ideas of the writer are skeptical.

  • Are there Gods? If so, What is the evidence of their existence?
  • Does anyone come to help us when we are in different situation?
  • Could the old men really carry the little girl?

So, I am not really convinced.


This story affected me very much. Before reading this story, I never had any feeling of help and kindness. But this story changed my ideas. Now I understood the importance of selfless service. I know that we can get valuable award and reward through selfless service. This story inspired me to spend my life for the selfless service of needy people.


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