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Impact of Information Technology on Various Sectors | Managing Information Systems and Technology

Impact of Information Technology on Various Sectors | Managing Information Systems and Technology | Week 1 DQ1 | Westcliff University

Question : Analyze how IT has improved industries, give specific examples of three (3) industries and discuss both the improvement and the challenges.


Information Technology (IT) is basically defined as the use of computers, systems, networks, software for the purpose of storing data, retrieving data, transmitting data, and sharing the information. Information Technology has brought massive improvements in various sectors through improving their operational efficiency, accuracy, accessibility, reliability as well as transparency. Some of the major benefits and the challenges of information technology in the education, hospitality, and healthcare industry are explained below:

Impact of Information Technology on Education

Information Technology has brought immense changes in the education sector all over the world. With the emerge of information technology the world has turned into a global village where the flow and access of information to every learner has become easy irrespective of the various boundaries. In the education sector, the use of information technology has become an indispensable part of the purpose of effective learning. The education industry integrates information technology in their various areas for the purpose of efficient and effective learning.

For example, the use of the internet has helped to get access to various learning materials from which the students can continuously enrich their knowledge anytime with the help of various e-books, papers, courses, etc. without going to the physical class. With the help of information technology proper record keeping of the files can be done which can act as a reference in the future as well. Students around the world can engage in various forums of discussion and can share their knowledge and expertise as well. Likewise, with the help of information technology, we have been able to continue our class even during this global Pandemic of COVID-19.   Since I have been blogging in the education niche for many years the use of information technology has played a very important role in my blogging career as well.

Along with the improvement, there are some challenges with it as well like lack of proper expertise to use the technology, improper and unequal access to the internet. Likewise, genuine learning materials and software also bring challenges in adopting the technology.

Impact of Information Technology in Tourism Industry

In these past years, information technology has helped to grow and revolutionize the tourism and hospitality industry in a massive manner through mechanization and automation. With the integration of information technology, there has been a reduction in the costs, customer relation has been improved by service improvement as well as operations has been efficient (Neelam, 2018). Information technology has helped to speed up operations in the tourism and hospitality industry which supported the traveling process making it more efficient and enjoyable.

For example, with the use of information technology, it has been easy for the customers to get information regarding the availability of rooms, reservations, services, etc which also enhances communication as well. We can see the largest hotel chain OYO which has helped both the hotel business owners as well as the customers.

Along with the improvements, there are challenges like not everyone has access and has expertise in using information technology. Because of this the tourism and hospitality industry still needs to adapt conventional practices. Customers can find every information on the internet for different packages and services and can compare it regarding cost and benefits which increases competition between the business owners as they can’t just convince their customers.

Impact of Information Technology in Healthcare Industry

We all know that health is wealth and is the most critical and important aspect of our life. With the help of information technology, it has been very easy to perform various operations in the healthcare industry with more safety, accuracy, quality, and efficiency.

For example, the tools that are used in the healthcare industry like Electronic Health Records (EHR) helps in providing real-time information about the health condition of the patients (Raja Kulkarni, 2015). We cannot ignore the importance of Telemedicine which helps to provide medical assistance for the patients in the remote areas.

Despite the various benefits, there are some challenges which include data security breach, Interoperability, upkeeping the old technology, aversive nature of physician regarding technology adaptation.

Therefore, Information technology has brought improvements as well as challenges in various industries.


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