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imppImpact Talks Season II
Biggest Talk Show of Nepal
Organized by Leadership Corner

Inspiration is a core of anything substantial, creative and outstanding that we create or do. One of many ways to get inspired is listening and observing someone else’s journey towards something exceptional that they are doing and creating a difference by becoming leaders.

Impact talks is a kernel where creative, passionate and courageous leaders from all walks of life share their concepts that carry the prospects to forge something important along with their experience of hardships, struggle and success while they were giving life to their own designs. The rostrum will have the positive energy and pragmatic vibes as the speakers dispense the infinite horizons of their notions.

Leadership Corner is organizing yet another episode of Impact Talks to celebrate 5 phenomenal stories from Nepal from the phenomenal speakers.

Prashant Singh

prashant-singhMR. Prashant Singh has been a contrarian since his childhood. He would make others look at things from unique perspectives- do things many considered crazy.He took a pay-cut leaving a lucrative career in private Sector to work for the Nepalese government and even opened the bank account of Nepal Tourism Board with his personal money. Mr. Singh reached out to US President Obama and several global leaders with pieces of rocks from the top of Mt. Everest. Founded HCI at 44, and then went on incubating more than a dozen of social enterprises and smart charities in less than five years. He is also a Chief Strategic Adviser to Dr. Baburam Bhattarai. He is passionate enough to a have goal of seeing Nepal become a prosperous country in his own life time which makes the list of his deeds interminable.
A Chartered Accountant by education, Mr. Singh has been trained at Harvard, Oxford, Asian Institute of Management and Asian Institute of Technology.

Pradeep Ghimire

pradeep-ghimireMr. Pradeep Ghimire is a pioneer figure in Nepali debating. He cofounded Debate Network Nepal in 2013 and since then has been leading the Nepali debate movement.
He has been a debater, judge, coach and trainer for the past five years and represented Nepal in the same capacities in Thailand, Greece, Pakistan, Singapore, Philippines and Germany. He is one of the two highest scoring debaters from Nepal in the World Universities Debating Championship.

Mr. Ghimire, a former Leo of the year is also a textbook author, teacher, entrepreneur and alumni of US State Department Exchange Program and USYC.

Dr. Pukar Malla

pukar-mallaDr.Pukar Malla is striving for an enterprising Nepal where every youth has opportunities for a prosperous future. He is the Founder and an Executive Director of Daayitwa, a Nepal-based social enterprise that nurtures leaders who embrace their self-responsibilities and collectively transform societal challenges into innovative entrepreneurship and governance solutions.
As a Senior Research Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, he has investigated and piloted leadership development frameworks to accelerate innovation in developing nations. Being a Senior Innovation Policy Specialist at World Bank, he has supported governments of Nepal, India, China and Ghana to promote innovation-led inclusive growth. In prior engineering career, he led design at Intel, AMD, Silicon Graphics and a Silicon Valley start-up, and secured 2 US patents.
He received his Bachelors from Swarthmore College with focus on engineering and economics. He spent 3 years at Cornell, where he attained MS/PhD in Electrical Engineering with a Minor in Business Management. He earned his MPA from Harvard Kennedy School. As an elected Student President, he also led Harvard Graduate Student Government which is the representative student body of Harvard’s 12 graduate and professional schools.

Mr. Manish Jha

15055748_10154573725691598_5950925126249272149_nBorn and raised in Janakpur, MR. Manish Jha started his professional career in 2004 in the field of marketing. In 2012, he started his journey as a young entrepreneur as a founding partner of FACTS Research & Analytics (known as FACTS Nepal). FACTS Nepal is one of the leading research companies of Nepal today.
Mr. Jha is also a media personality. He runs a TV show in Avenues TV and writes analytical articles about political, economic and socio cultural issues. He is also the Vice president of Nepal Hockey Association and faculty member at KINGS College. He claims that he is still a student since he is pursuing his 3rd master degree in Literature after Service Marketing & Political Science.
Mr. Jha is also the consultant for a global consulting group “Frost & Sullivan” and also an operational advisor and member of Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs Forum.

Miss. Anita Thapa

anita-thapaMiss. Anita Thapa is currently associated with Hamro Palo (Her Turn) as an Executive Director which is a With and For Girls 2016 award winning organization that works with adolescents in rural and remote districts of Nepal. Prior to it, she has worked with youths in Nepal and South Asia, serving as a President in a youth led organization called Youth Initiative and as a Vice-president at External Affairs of Liberal Youth South Asia. In 2011, Miss. Thapa was awarded Community Solutions Fellowship by US State Department and placed in Boston, Massachusetts where she worked in public and alternative schools.

In 2013, Accountability Lab recognized her school initiative called “Civic Schools” as one of the best interventions for civic education and awarded an accountability incubator fellowship, best known as “Accountaprenuer”. She is also a “2016 Asia Young Leaders for Democracy Fellow” of Taiwan Foundation for Democracy.

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