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Importance of Groups – From employees’ Perspective| Organizational Behavior

Importance of Groups |From employees Perspective
| Groups | Organizational Behavior
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Importance of Groups: A group is the collection of two or more than two people working together, interacting, and interdependent having a common goal (also check: Characteristics of groups).

In our daily life group has been a central part. We belong to many different types of groups in our daily lives like family, friends, schools, offices, etc.
From the employee’s point of view groups are important because of the following reasons:

Importance of Groups

1. Security:

When an individual joins a group, he/she can reduce the insecurity of “standing alone”. People feel stronger, have fewer self-doubts, and are more resistant to threats when they are part of a group. It provides them confident as well.

2. Status:

When people are in a group, it provides recognition and status for its members. They are known by people and have a certain image and respect in society.

3. Self-esteem:

Groups can provide people with feelings of self-worth. That is, in addition to conveying status to those outside the group membership can also give increased feelings of worth to the group members themselves.

4. Affiliation:

Groups can fulfill social needs. People enjoy the regular interaction that comes with group membership. For many people, these on-the-job interactions are their primary source for fulfilling their needs for affiliation.

5. Power:

When we are in a group, there is a unity which automatically increases the power. What cannot be achieved individually often becomes possible through group action? When there are more peoples, the power of the group increases.

6. Goal achievement:

There are times when it takes more than one person to accomplish a particular task there is a need to pool talents, knowledge, or power in order to complete a job. In such instances, management will rely on the use of a formal group.


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