Importance of Human Resource Planning (HRP) | Human Resource Management

Importance of Human Resource Planning (HRP)
HR Planning | Human Resource Management
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Human Resource planning (Manpower Planning) is the process of determining organization’s human resource needs of right people at right time and right place which are capable and will help to achieve organization’s overall objectives efficiently and effectively. The importance of Human Resource planning are as follows:

  • Human Resource Planning (HRP) helps to ensure right people at right place at right time who are capable of effectively and efficiently completing tasks that directly support the company’s mission and strategic goals.
  • Human Resource Planning (HRP) helps to cope with dynamic environment. HR planning helps to face the changes that may include competitive forces, markets, technology, products, government regulations etc. These changes creates need to make changes in job contents, skills, demands of personnel, etc . which may create shortage of people in some areas whereas surplus of people in another area. Therefore, HR planning helps to face these type of changes that may occur.
  • Human Resource Planning (HRP) helps to win government contracts. There are thousands of companies all around the world who sells products and services to the government. In order to bid for government contracts and to be competitive, a firm must supply detailed information on its manpower resources and, must plan for and develop appropriate human resources.
  • Human Resource Planning (HRP) helps to implement equal employment opportunity. The government’s equal employment opportunity and affirmative action regulations mandate that employers meet agreed goals for the employment and upgrading of protected categories of people in their work forces. Affirmative action programs must be implemented and monitored in regard to hiring , placement training, compensation and development.
  • Human Resource Planning (HRP) helps in reduction of uncertainty. Proper HR plan evaluates the environment in which the organization operates, assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the organization, sets objectives, and determine program for implementation. This clear set out objectives and evaluation somehow helps to reduce the uncertainty of future.

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