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Isolated children require __________ to develop.

Isolated children require __________ to develop.

  1. parents
  2. siblings
  3. solitary time
  4. language

Answer: d. language

Answer Explanation

Isolated children need language to develop fully. Language plays a crucial role in communication, cognitive development, and social interaction. It is possible for isolated children to experience significant developmental delays and challenges without exposure to language and meaningful communication.

Why the other options are not correct

a. Parents

In spite of the importance of parents in a child’s development, isolated children may not be able to interact with them due to their isolation. Children who are isolated are often those who have been severely restricted in their interactions with others, including a lack of access to their parents. As a result, even though parents play a vital role in the development of children, they may not always be available to them.

b. Siblings

Siblings can play a significant role in a child’s development, especially in terms of socialization, cooperation, and emotional support. Isolated children, by definition, do not have access to siblings or other peers, which makes this option not correct. The development of isolated children can be affected by their lack of social interaction, including those with siblings.

c. Solitary time

Despite the value of solitary time for introspection and personal reflection, isolated children already experience an excessive amount of solitude because they don’t interact with their peers. The opportunity for healthy and balanced social interactions for children who are isolated is often lacking. By emphasizing solitary time, we would hinder them rather than promote their development.


Isolated children require language in order to develop fully. Language is not only a tool for communication, but also a critical tool for cognitive development and social interaction. Children learn about the world around them through language, which enables them to express their thoughts and feelings.

As their primary means of communication and cognitive stimulation, language becomes more crucial to isolated children who lack regular social interactions. By understanding the significance of language for the development of isolated children, we can emphasize the importance of early language exposure and communication opportunities for all children, regardless of their social circumstances.

Teachers, parents, and caregivers can foster language acquisition and social engagement for all children by recognizing the importance of language in development.

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